3 Hopes for 2015: Gospel Renewal

As we continue to launch as a church, I want to direct us toward three big hopes/themes -- and subsequent prayers -- for 2015. These aren't new pursuits for Redeemer, but I do want to keep them in front of us in prayer and action. As we pursue these things, we will find ourselves enjoying Christ more and continuing to engage our great city with the Gospel.

Our first major hope/prayer for 2015 is gospel renewal.

To put it simply, gospel renewal is (re)discovering the Gospel. Gospel renewal being in more in awe of Christ's work for us and shaped by the Gospel's implications and benefits more fully. Here is a beautiful and helpful definition:

Gospel renewal is a life-changing recovery of the gospel. Personal gospel renewal means the gospel doctrines of sin and grace are actually experienced, not just known intellectually. This personal renewal includes an awareness and conviction of one's own sin and alienation from God and comes from seeing in ourselves deeper layers of self-justification, unbelief, and self-righteousness than we have ever seen before. There is a new commensurate grasp of the wonder of forgiveness and grace as we shed these attitudes and practices and rest in Christ alone for salvation. Perhaps we have previously said that we were "resting in Christ's work, not our own work" for salvation, but when we experience gospel renewal, we have a new clarity about what this means in our mind and a new experience of actually doing it with our heart.

-- Tim Keller, Center Church, pg 54

That is so worth praying for and working toward individually, corporately, and for good of the whole city!

Next week, we'll roll out two other key hopes for 2015 and a prayer challenge to help us see these things come to fruition for the flourishing of our church and city.