Gospel Renewal for You, Our Church, and Somerville

Our main aim and hope for 2015 is Gospel Renewal. We want the Gospel to impact and transform us more and more and we want that for the city of Somerville as well. One resource that has been incredibly helpful for applying the Gospel to all of life has been Milton Vincent's Gospel Primer. Hopefully, the following excerpts will encourage you in experiencing God's grace in fresh and deep ways. Pick up his book and pray for Gospel Renewal for yourself, our church, Somerville, and Greater Boston.

Freedom from Sin's Power
"As long as I am stricken with the guilt of my sins, I will be captive to them, and will keep re-committing the very sins about which I feel most guilty...The gospel, however, always slays sin at this root point and thereby nullifies sin's power over me. The forgiveness of God, made known to me through the gospel, liberates me from sin's power because it liberates me from sin's guilt; and preaching such forgiveness to myself is a practical way of putting the gospel into operation as a nullifier of sin's power in my life."

Resting in Christ's Righteousness
"On my worst days of sin and failure, the gospel encourages me with God's unrelenting grace toward me. On my best days of victory and usefulness, the gospel keeps me relating to God solely on the basis of Jesus' righteousness and not mine."

Perspective in Trials
"The good news about my trials is that God is forcing them to bow to His gospel purposes and do good unto me by improving my character and making me more conformed to the image of Christ."

Cultivating Humility
"Nothing suffocates my pride more than daily reminders regarding the glory of my God, the gravity of my sins, and the crucifixion of God's own Son in my place."