New Sermon Series for 2015: Questioning Christianity

Redeemer Church is a church for believers, seekers, and doubters, because we believe all people need to investigate Jesus and the Gospel of Christianity.

We know that there are many in Somerville who are believers and many who have yet to truly examine Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus. So, we want to invite you to join us and bring a friend for our new series that is all about investigating Christianity.

Anything worth believing is worth questioning.

Here's the topics and dates for the series:

How can I know God exists? – January 11th

How can there just be one true faith? – January 18th

How can a God of love have anything to do with Hell? – January 25th

How can a good God allow suffering? – February 1st

Hasn’t science disproved faith?  – February 8th

Is Jesus just a legend? – February 15th

We hope you’ll join us.

Redeemer Church Somerville
430pm at 404 Broadway