New Sermon Series: Surprised by Grace

On the surface, the book of Jonah is a simple story. Guy runs from God. Guy meets whale and craziness ensues. The story of Jonah is simple on the surface, but the lessons and implications are deeper than you probably think.

Beneath the surface, there is serious depth in Jonah that will alter how you view God, grace, and yourself --if you take the time to sit and soak up the story. And if you take the time to sit and soak in Jonah, you will be challenged, surprised, and maybe even offended by the unyielding grace of God. 

The story of Jonah is weighty (insert bad whale jokes here) because it is primarily about the character of God -– holy, compassionate, and gracious. The tone is also reflective because the author wants us to consider whose character we truly reflect most: Jonah the self-righteous, bitter runaway or the God of Heaven and Earth, who is merciful, gracious, pursuing, and compassionate to all.

How do we even begin see whose character we most reflect? What hope is there for those of us who are, in fact, self-righteous? What hope does the book of Jonah give to Somerville? How do you begin to actually care for your neighborhood and city like God does? And what does that even look like when life is already crazy busy?

We’ll find the answers in Jonah.

Come ready to be surprised, challenged, and empowered by the Gospel of Jesus as we dig into this epic story.

Redeemer Church
Sunday 430pm
404 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02145