50 Inconveniences that Come from Trusting in Our Own Righteouesness

Martin Luther's commentary on the Galatians is widely renowned and has been a great personal read in prep for our Galatians series.

At the beginning of his work, he lays out 50 (!) inconveniences that come from trusting in our own performance or obedience as the means that makes us right before God.

Think of these 50 things as the dangerous blunders that happen when we drift from the Gospel of justification by faith to the false gospel of justification by Jesus plus our obedience/righteous/goodness.

Fifty Inconveniences That Arise out of Man’s Own Righteousness Coming from Works, Extracted from Paul’s Letter to the Galatians:

Chapter 1

    1.    To bring people from the calling of grace.

    2.    To receive another gospel.

    3.    To trouble the minds of the faithful.

    4.    To pervert the Gospel of Christ.

    5.    To be accursed.

    6.    To obey human traditions.

    7.    To please man.

    8.    Not to be the servant of Christ.

    9.    To build upon men, and not upon God.

    10.    That the most excellent righteousness of the law is nothing.

    11.    To destroy the church of God.

Chapter 2

    12.    To teach people to be justified by works is to teach them to be justified by impossibility.

    13.    To make the righteous in Christ into sinners.

    14.    To make Christ a minister of sin.

    15.    To build up sin again, when it is destroyed.

    16.    To be made a transgressor.

    17.    To reject the grace of God.

    18.    To judge that Christ died in vain.

Chapter 3

    19.    To become foolish Galatians.

    20.    To be bewitched.

    21.    Not to listen to the truth.

    22.    To crucify Christ again.

    23.    To hold that the Spirit is received by works.

    24.    To forsake the Spirit and to end in the flesh.

    25.    To be under the curse.

    26.    To set the human testament above that of God.

    27.    To make sin abound.

    28.    To be shut under sin.

    29.    To serve beggarly ceremonies.

Chapter 4

    30.    That the Gospel is preached in vain.

    31.    That everything the faithful do or permit is in vain.

    32.    To be made a servant and the son of the bondwoman.

    33.    To be cast out of the inheritance, together with the son of the bondwoman.

    34.    That Christ brings no benefit.

    35.    That we are debtors to fulfill the whole law.

Chapter 5

    36.    To be separate from Christ.

    37.    To fall from grace.

    38.    To be hindered from the good course of well-doing.

    39.    That being convinced of the doctrine of works does not come from God.

    40.    To have the leaven of corruption.

    41.    To have judgment remain for anyone who teaches this doctrine.

    42.    To bite and consume one another.

    43.    That this doctrine is reckoned among the works of the flesh.

Chapter 6

    44.    To think yourself to be something when you are nothing.

    45.    To glory in others rather than in God.

    46.    Unspiritually to please people who are not spiritually minded.

    47.    To hate the persecution of the cross.

    48.    Not to keep the law itself.

    49.    To glory in the master and teacher of unspiritual things.

    50.    That nothing helps at all, and whatever a person does is in vain.