Becoming Gospel People


Redeemer exists to help religious and irreligious people become gospel people -- starting with us and extending to our neighbors and city.

What does this mission statement mean really?

Well, Gospel people are growing continually in their love and knowledge of Jesus, their devotion to Jesus, and the practice of helping others know and love Jesus. 

A Call to Move from Defaults

But this mission statement is also call for us to MOVE from our default postures of irreligion or religious righteousness to deep gospel faith and action.

Consider of all the people you know that think Jesus is not for them or they think religion is foolishness or hateful or empty. We want those “irreligious” friends to not just come to church or become more moral (they probably are already great moral people!), but to know and love Jesus through the Gospel.

Think of all the people you know that are “religious” in the sense that they consider themselves superior to others, in big or small ways, because of their goodness, social activism, or their self-made spirituality. We want these “religious” friends to know the transforming salvation of Jesus in the gospel.

A Call for Us, Too

And not only that, we want the deep rooted tendencies of our hearts including the tendency to live for self, not for God (irreligion) and the tendency to believe what we do determines our value and worth (religiousness) to be replaced with Gospel growth and faith.

Let's pray and live toward that end, that we and others would be "presented mature in Christ" (Colossians 1:28).