Hi, nice to meet you.

We’re a new church in the city and we’d love to have you come out to one of our Sunday gatherings.

While church is more than a gathering, Sunday gatherings are a important part of Redeemer. Each Sunday, we gather for worship, teaching, and community.

What to Expect

Each Sunday, you can expect to connect with people who are probably a lot like you. Our community is made up of young professionals, moms, dads, marrieds, artists, singles, and students.

You’ll experience a welcoming community, stirring music, and teaching from the Bible that connects to real life and points to Jesus.

Our gatherings include believers and seekers, all coming to connect to Jesus and each other.

We’d love to have you join us.

Current Sermon Series



Sunday Service Time and Location

930 am at 404 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02145

Childcare is provided for kids 6 months to 5th grade in Redeemer Kids.

All street parking is free on Sunday and we have additional parking two blocks away at YWAM Boston (374 Broadway).


More than just a weekly meeting.

We are made for community.

We can't do life solo. So at Redeemer, we structure groups to help facilitate our deep-rooted need for community with God and others.

Our structure for community life (groups) at Redeemer are gospel communities. People often (and rightly) wonder, “is there any real difference between a Bible study or small group and a Gospel Community?”

Though Gospel Communities study the Bible and gather regularly, a Gospel Community (GC) is quite different from a small group or a Bible study. To put it simply, a GC is a collection of regular people following Jesus together. While a Bible study may focus more on learning truth, a Gospel Community is focused on learning truth and living it out together.

Gospel Communities are a vital part of Redeemer Church. They are one of the primary places for community, discipleship, mission and worship.

Briefly, Gospel Communities at Redeemer:

  • Gather twice a month for a “family gathering” — a big community meal
  • Gather bi-weekly or weekly in discipleship groups (gender-based groups of 2-6 for Bible study)
  • Live intentionally as missionaries
  • Help one another and others folow Jesus


Gospel Community

Do Life with Others

The great thing about gospel communities is that whether you’re new to Christianity or you’re a seasoned believer, you’ll benefit immensely from the relationships formed with your Gospel Community.  To get connected, send us an email at info[at]redeemerne.org and we’ll get you connected to a group near you.

Discipleship Groups

Go Deep with a Few

It’s impossible to do life solo, so community is vital. Gospel communities provide a way to do life with others in real and meaningful ways. Discipleship groups are smaller groups that add to that by allowing you to deeply connect with 2-5 others through Bible study, praying, and support.