Our Core Values

Here’s a common question we get: what type of church are you?

There are a lot of ways to answer that question.

We’re a church that believes what Jesus said and did really matters.

We’re a church that joyfully believes and preaches the Gospel and the Scriptures.

We’re a church that wants our city and world to know Jesus.

But, an even more helpful way to get a feel for who we are is to learn about our core values.


Christianity is not about mere rules, advice or performance-modification.

Christianity is about a great message that brings salvation and change. That message is the gospel, the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, which secures the salvation of all who trust in him. What Jesus has done on the cross is so powerful that it restores sinful people into right relationship with God AND then it continually affects and transforms every area of our lives.

This means Jesus is always the Hero and we must always look to him—not ourselves, not rules, not good advice—as our ultimate hope for salvation and growth in every aspect of our lives. This idea of gospel centrality is summed up well by Tim Keller: “the gospel is not the ABCs of the Christian life, but the A to Z.”


God’s people have a mission. It’s a mission that includes Sunday mornings but extends beyond that window of time and influences all spheres of our ordinary lives. In this mission, we are called ambassadors, and our mission is to spread the gospel and make disciples so that more and more people can know, enjoy, and worship Jesus. This means that every person in our church is vital to this mission. There are no bench players.


Diversity in the local church is a powerful picture of the Gospel’s effects to a watching world. In a city that has the nations in its backyard, we want to show the power of the Gospel to unite people across ethnic, economic, and educational lines by being a diverse church in a diverse city.


We love Somerville. We love Cambridge. We love Metro Boston. We are not in the city to tower above it in judgement, or to hide under the city in fear, or to mirror the city in assimilation. Instead, we seek the welfare of our city. How? By daily, serving, loving, and challenging our city in ordinary but gospel-centered ways. Because of the Gospel’s power, we are committed to seeing our city, not just our church, flourish in such a way that Jesus is shown off and the city is blessed.


We believe the Gospel is the power of God for our public lives as well as our private lives. We are passionate about equipping people to see how their faith works out in every single sphere and domain of life, work, play, and culture.